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The student submits the advisor-approved, completed plan to the Graduate Student Services Office. The GRE test must have been taken within the last five years at time of application. This response should be placed in the student's file in the Departmental Graduate Office.

Thesis & Dissertation

The advisor, in consultation with the candidate, recommends the most appropriate faculty to serve on the candidate's doctoral committee and who is to serve as chairperson and principal director of the dissertation. A member of the committee other than the advisor will be appointed Chair by the Associate Head.

Work See Procedures for Applying to Ph. The article will be provided to the student two weeks ahead of the exam, so please contact the Graduate Programs Supervisor with the article selection as quickly as possible.

Students should begin the approval process eight weeks prior to the ERP. Sixty-four 64 hours are required beyond the Master's degree. Students must receive a total of 24 hours of credit at the level i. At the termination of the oral examination a decision will be reached by the committee as to whether the candidate passes the examination.

Failure to adhere to deadlines or enrollment policies can result in a higher assessment of tuition and fees or delay milestones such as examinations and graduation.

A member of the committee other than the advisor will be appointed Chair by the Associate Head.

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The Quantitative Research focus area enables the student to further specialize in one of three sub areas of quantitative methodology: The decision to pass the student on the examination must be unanimous and transmitted by the Chair to the Department and the Graduate College.

A minimum of 32 hours of dissertation research CHLH is required. A program may, but is not required to, grant the student another opportunity to take the examination after completing additional research or writing, as recommended by the committee.

The candidate may proceed to Stage III, independent dissertation research. Specific details regarding the review process are as follows: A minimum of 32 hours of dissertation research CHLH is required. The Dissertation Admissions In addition to considering the performance on the exams, the admissions committee reviews other factors, such as the student’s record in course work, the performance as a teaching assistant, and the availability of UIUC faculty competent to direct a dissertation in the student’s intended specialization.

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Mobile Menu Toggle. Mobile Menu Toggle. The thesis option is not available for this joint degree program. For more information about CEE graduate programs and courses, or to apply online, visit the Graduate Admissions page.

Admissions. This online handbook is intended to provide new and continuing graduate students in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with essential information for the smooth and successful completion of their graduate program.

Handbook for Graduate Students & Advisors The HDFS Graduate Handbook details our departmental policies regarding student admissions, advising, degree.

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was founded March 2, l, under the Land Grant College Act signed by Abraham Lincoln. Inthe College of Engineering was established.

Uiuc thesis handbook
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